Viktor Fasth new mask

Viktor Fasth new mask

Viktor Fasth new mask is pretty sick. It is a tribute to the Anaheims Mighty Ducks goalie Guy Hebert who played in Anaheim over 20 years ago. The mask contains the original Mighty Ducks colors of the teal green, white, grey, and purple.

It includes the original wings on the side of the mask with he original logo of the old school goalie mask shaped like the head of a duck. I always love when players take a step back and remember the players of the past and recall the great memories that all of s have had of players, and organizations. Viktor Fasth has worn a number of masks over the years but he may always be famous for the plain black mask with the gold cage and the fact that he still wears Koho equipment and until a year ago I didn’t even know they still made it.

Viktor Fasth new mask was created and originally shown on I got to check the website out for the first time today and the art work is unreal. He does a lot of masks for todays NHL goalies. I really like the new effects and the work he did on Viktor Fasth new mask is pretty ridiculous.

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