Seafood in Newport Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant

Seafood in Newport

Seafood in Newport RI is pretty easy to come by finding good seafood in Newport is just as easy. The Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant is one of those places. As part of our excursion through the cold windy streets of Newport RI we found comfort in sitting by the water, drinking great beer and eating everything in sight. It’s certaintly part of living the good life.

While Newport RI is not expensive in the offseason im sure you can drop some serious coin in the summer. Actually I guarantee it because i’ve been there before. This website is about balling on a budget so when we become billionaires we can write about prime time travel and drinking 400 dollar scotch until then heres a quick review on finding cheap beer and seafood in Newport RI.

Since it was freezing we stopped in to The Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant around 3pm knowing we were going to have a late dinner. The wait staff again was friendly. It had that old school Rhode Island feel. They are a little older with some skin damage and a raspy voice from what would appear to be from smoking.

The beer menu was not as good however they had a full seafood menu which makes it a popular seafood in Newport destination. I placed an order for a 3 cheese Nachos and a Sam Adams pronto. Other people in the group ordered more domestic beer and mudslides which was pretty disappointing because given the atmosphere and the bar atmosphere you would think they would have more of a beer menu.

I mean if I was loaded i’d definitely rock hard alcoholic cocktails at 3 pm but since i’m not; a good beer is usually my ticket. I would have preferred a few more micro brews or a few Rhode island micro brews.

The Nachos were out of this world but by the time we got through them it was already  4pm and we had planned on a later dinner so we kicked our cocktails back and decided where we wanted to have dinner later in Newport. The Nachos were so damn filling it would have been possible to get any seafood down before 8. Which ended up being our dinner time.

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