Nike Elite socks


New socks are ridiculuous. New Nike Elite socks are absurd. Not only are the Nike Elite socks comfortable, not only do the New Nike Elite socks look sick, but best of all they tell you which sock goes on which foot. Thats right there is a L and an R on each sock. No more getting confused and wearing uncomfortable athletic socks. So not only can you dress like a bro when you wear these with shorts but you look like a dumb ass who can’t decide which foot each sock goes on.

In all seriousness these socks are tight. They have athletic designs on the calfs and they are incredibly comfortable to skate in. Especially if you like your skates to feel snug. When wearing the Nike Elite sock golfing not only do you get comfort but they wick the moisture away in the summer and keep your feet warm in the cold. These are really a win win and not to mention they make you look like a complete athlete when you wear them. No more looking like a joker who has no idea what they are doing.

The other great thing about these? They have some pretty sick colorways for the Nike Elite Socks:



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