Kovalev Hockey Stick Curve

hockey stick curve


The Hockey stick curve you chose to use on a nightly basis can cause a drastic change in your overall performance. The hockey stick curve basically depends on what part of the blade you want to fire the puck off. The Hockey stick curve usually falls into a few categories. Toe curve, heel curve, mid curve, toe mid , heel mid, and mid. Whether you want to fire the puck off the high glass, go top shelf, or throw sauce there really is a hockey stick curve for everything. Personally I like the Kovalev, Parise, Staal hockey stick curve which is essentially a wedge.

It takes a little more skill to use a wedge blade however if you enjoy a heel hockey stick curve its ideal. If the puck is sitting in the heel a quick flick of the writst will send the puck about two inches off the ice which is nice for break out passes. The Kovalev hockey stick curve is also longer and straighter then most so it makes it ideal for catching passes and playing along the boards.

I have seen on a few websites that the wedge blade is ideal for going top shelf and deflections. It is ideal for quick snap shots if you have the strengeth and the added lengeth on the blade helps with deflections but I wouldnt say your game is limited to either. I actually think its more of a playmakers blade then the Stamkos P9, or Savard/ Burrow patterns in Warrior sticks simply because it is easier to get the puck off the ice if your trying to hit the hollywood pass.

Each major company sells this hockey stick curve and it seems to be the choice amongst most pros because it offers so much versatility. Believe me when I say the Kovalev hockey stick curve is far from a hook so if you can’t get the puck up on your own don’t count on it doing anything for you. You have to work the stick not let the stick work you.

The following companies offer the wedge hocket stick curve and the blade pattern is net to it.

Warrior Hockey- Kovalev

Bauer Hockey – P91A Staal

Easton Hockey- Parise/ Dury

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