Best Fantasy QBs Of 2013 Up Till Now

Peyton Manning


Best Fantasy QBs Of 2013 Up Till Now

The NFL regular season is just about ready for its final month, which means that fantasy football players all over the country are trying to make the right moves to bring home a title. Those in the driver’s seat in their league probably have a strong quarterback leading the way. Here is a look at the best of the best so far in 2013.

Peyton Manning

The loss this past Sunday to New England stings, but Manning has helped fantasy football owners win plenty of weeks this season. Even though he is past his prime and dealing with a few nagging injuries, he makes it look easy. Not only has he led quarterbacks in fantasy value this season, but he has led all positions and has made a strong case for yet another MVP award.

Drew Brees

Like Manning, few are surprised that Drew Brees is off to another outstanding regular season. The New Orleans Saints love to pass the ball, and after he gets by Seattle in Week 13, he has a favorable schedule down the stretch. Couple that with less of a chance of an injury, and he might be the most reliable fantasy football option in the game.

Matthew Stafford

With so many other quarterbacks getting hype built around them heading into 2013, Stafford has surprised many to round out the top three in fantasy football. He leads the NFL in pass attempts for the second year in a row, but he is being much more efficient this season, Sure, having Calvin Johnson are your side certainly helps, but he is doing what he is doing with help from others as well. The NFC North is there for the taking, so Stafford will run no risk of getting that dreaded Week 17 rest game (Manning and Brees run that risk right now).

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