Adidas Predator LZ

Adidas Predator LZ

The Adidas predator LZ electricy is the latest predator in the Adidas family. The Predator has been the staple soccer cleat in the Adidas family over the last decade or so. The Adidas predator LZ has evolved since its original inception to the family as well. Adidas is releasing the Adidas Predator LZ Electricity which comes in an electric red and an electric yellow. I was a fan of the original Adidas Predators up until they started producing cleats with out tongues however these are quite the cleat.

The color scheme on the Adidas Predator LZ electricity is a bit much for me. I’m sure it has its own market but I prefer the color schemes on the Nike cleats especially the vapors. While the color scheme may not be for me the cleat itself is pretty nice. It’s light and the upper is much better than the uppers that were on earlier versions of the Predator. The kangaroo leather used to be my favorite. While companies have shyed away and went to a synthetic upper it has been difficult to find one that fits comfortably and gives you a nice touch on the ball.

Like I said the colors are a bit much but the Adidas Predator LZ is certainly worth taking out on to the pitch and Adidas may have finally found something worth giving the Vapor a run for its money.

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