5 Reasons the New York Rangers won’t win the Cup



The New York Rangers just fell behind the Bruins 2-1 in the second round of the NHL playoffs. I know everyone wants the New York Rangers to do well and go on but can anyone honestly see them winning 4 rounds? I know they are still very much in the series against the Bruins but the Bruins have been the definition of inconsistency see all season. I mean hell they went 7 games with the Leafs. I don’t care if the Leafs are young and can skate they had an AHL caliber goalie in net and the Bruins made him look like a stud in Game 5+6. I have 5 reasons the New York Rangers won’t win the cup and its not just because I dislike New York and think that their coach may be the most arrogant coach in the NHL. So here we go.


5.) The New York Rangers won’t win the cup because Totrs can’t coach stars. He won a Stanley Cup with the lightning. The Lightning were not full of stars. In fact they were character guys. A coach needs to get his players to buy into a system and play it for 60 minutes. It’s a lot easier to find some scrub two way player who are willing to put his face in front of a puck then it is a guy making 5-7 million dollars a year. Apparently he doesn’t believe in playing your guys to their strengths. I mean if that was the case they’d score more than 1 goal a game.


4.) The Rangers won’t win the cup because Henrik Lundqvist is their goalie. They rely way to heavily on him. Hank has gotten a bad rap the first  few games of this series for “soft goals”. They just look soft because he is so hard to beat clean. The Rangers don’t do a great job of clearing out the crease and taking control of the rebounds that Lundqvist does let up. In game 1 Hank faced over 45 shots. The best defense is offense. Lundqvist doesn’t need to see 30 shots to fall into a Rhythm. I feel that the safety net that Hank provides is actually a disadvantage to the Rangers. He actually makes them believe they can win games scoring two goals.

3.) Dan Boyle provides most of the physicality on your for check. Enough said.

2.) The New York Rangers have no identity.  Ryan Callahan is a character guy. He doesn’t do one thing better than another. He provides leadership, a spark, and timely goals. Chris Kreider is a character guy. He is a player who lit the playoffs on fire last year but this year he struggled to get burn? Those two guys paired with players like Gaborik (when he as there) Richards, and Nash just don’t work. For whatever reason the New York Rangers have 0 identity. Are they a tough team? are they hardworking? are they an offensive team? Someone please tell me what they are going for here. Its patchwork city. They may be the most expensive puzzle in sports.

1.) The number one reason the New York Rangers will not win the Stanley Cup is simple. Fleury is no longer playing in goal for the Penguins. If you make it past the Bruins chances are you are going to have to play the Penguins. If you can’t score more than one or two goals how are you going to match up with the Penguins? The Penguins are not going to stop. They come wave after wave.



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