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Living the Lucking Dream is all about the Puck lifestyle on and off the ice. If you have ever played Ice Hockey you know what I am talking about. Playing puck isn’t a sport its a lifestyle. Playing beer league puck isn’t a hobby its a lifestyle.

Living the Pucking Dream is a compilation of short stories from one of the greatest hockey’s league in the world. Men and women show up to the hockey rink at all hours of the night to lace up their skates, have a few beers, partake in pure debauchery and play the greatest sport in the world.

Every team is its own society. Every team has its own version of the same members. Usually there is the town drunk, the high school burn out, the professional, the one random player with a PhD, a drug dealer, and a guy that probably shouldn’t be allowed within five-hundred feet of women and children. This is the first installment of a series of Beer League Hockey Books that will make you laugh. If you play hockey you’ll be able to relate to each one of these stories. If you don’t play hockey, sit back and enjoy the side of sports that sports networks wish they could show you.